Is five years a lifetime?

…it seems so to me. I left India in 2002 and I have been diligently going back every year. But this year, since neither I nor my siblings nor other relatives were getting married, I got a chance to pay attention to how things have changed in the last five years. Is this only me…or this does sound ridiculous to you all too?

– 50 bucks (rupees) for coffee?

– is everyone getting more than 20 lakh per year for salary?

– do people only talk about salaries and jobs now? what about cricket?

– 2 hours in traffic for less than 20 km?

– land prices….what’s the deal with that? In a place like Powai (outskirts of Mumbai), the apartments start from over 2,00,00,000..

– housewifes have moved on from kittys to online trading. (that’s pretty awesome, really..)

– does everyone do an MBA these days?

There seems to be so much more going on in India than in California (or so it seems). A close friend recently remarked that she likes the slowness of her Manhattan lifestyle as compared to the hubbub in India.

India was as colorful as ever. Only I felt much poorer and outdated this time..


2 thoughts on “Is five years a lifetime?

  1. Hey Rolis Royce
    Not sure if you are right about every single thing you’ve mentioned above but it sure does feel that way. The rate of change in India is indeed quite spectacular, and your last sentence makes me wonder what it will be like 5 years from now – we’ll be even more outdated which is a scary thought isn’t it? I guess we’ll forever dream of the coffee shack and wish life were still the same.. though Rs 3.50 for a coffee felt like quite a lot of money then

  2. hey rallios,

    good to see you around.

    but i keep feeling like we miss the boat regularly. when we graduated dot-com went bust, when we got out of india…salaries there went sky-rocketing.

    i think the next 5 years are important for all of us to rediscover what we want from life, and go after it. i fear otherwise we might just become history with good resumes

    ps1 – the coffee shack coffee has a,so become Rs. 8 now.
    ps2 – i think i am gonna spend some time on your wierd blog

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