Great Mental Agony Test

Yeah, that’s what GMAT is for me. I never hated exams but standard, timed tests have never been my cup of tea. Exams, to me, are a culmination of a course or a grade. You move on, you celebrate after those….But these standard tests are typically the start of a long and arduous application process.

GMAT is better than GRE, since one does not need to rote up the entire dictionary. But what is hard to understand is the time-boundedness of these and how to interpret that. Is the assessment that if you can read faster, you’ll be a better manager? Or if you understand American idiomatic expressions, then you have an edge? The ability to communicate is important, but does a fluent grammar imply that?

I sympathize with non-native English speakers. This process can be very discouraging and would not be an accurate reflection of their abilities as a manager. On the bright side, if for every decision I need to make, I am given 5 choices, then I might be able to eliminate the ridiculous ones by the “Process of Elimination” and have a better shot at picking up the right one 🙂

Well after putting off the idea of MBA for the last couple of years, finally I think it could help me. The question was probably “when” and not “if” for me. There’s a lot more unanswered questions at this point – should I do MBA in US or in India? Is it worth the expense and time? Am I going to become another generic middle manager? But at least I am committed to answering some of those in the coming months.

GMAT is a necessary evil at this point, but I think the MBA application process can help me focus on what really is it that I am looking for…


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