You know it when you see it..

This one was the most unlikely though. We had been invited to a Kentucky Derby Party. Both, Hrishi and I have no experience with animals or pets in the past, and neither with racing. So we had pretty mixed feelings about the party. The wine_during_the_day was probably why we accepted the invite 🙂

I briefly glanced at the ratings for the horses on the net . With minutes of search, my mind got set on Barbaro. He probably did not have the best odds of winning, but he had won his last 5-6 races, and I thought that’s more impressive than the other stats. We reached the party, and I placed the bet on Barbaro. And sure enough, he was the champ of the day. I got five times my bet.

What’s interesting about the race was not that he won, but how he won. It was record distance between the first and the second horse. Something about his attitude and the assuredness was very inspiring, almost heroic!

And like a true Bollywood movie, the melodrama continued . In the next race, he hurt his leg at the start, and had to pull out. It turned out to be very serious injury and the complications kept increasing. But he turned out to be a real life champ, and things are looking much better for him but that’s after 5 months of treatment. Its the same winner attitude which has probably kept him alive. Tens of horses with similar complications are euthanized regularly.

I check news of his condition almost every day. If it were really a movie, he’d be back on the tracks, racing, winning with vengeance. But alas, that’s not going to happen. Barbaro will probably spend the remaining life increasing his family (which might not be bad either).

I had never thought about horses before, much less follow one’s life so closely. I don’t know if I have converted, or this is a one time fling. I’ve enjoyed the rollercoaster and like millions of Barbaro fans wish him the best.


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