me, myself and music

I am really happy to finally tell you all why I called this blog rock’n’roli.

I love rock music. Have loved it for years, and there’s no signs of aging yet. Infact one of the reasons why I wanted to come to US was to be able to see all my favs playing live. Being in the Bay Area is terrific for such an aspiration. Being married to a hobbyist rocker makes it easier to keep the love alive..

So I got the opportunity to see Roger Waters play live this week. I feel blessed, since I never imagined I’ll get to see Pink Floyd (even if its a fraction of the band) live, ever!!! He played some old, some new stuff and all of Dark Side of the Moon. It was a great light and video show. The 3 hrs evaporated in the smoke which was everywhere. Its been three days, and I am still feel blissful about it.

There’s something about rock, when he says “comfortably numb’ I feel numb, but Vedder says “alive” you feel alive, when U2 says “still haven’t found what I am looking for”, I start doubting myself. Romeo and Juliet is my fav love song. U2’s concert felt like 3 hrs of meditation…I feel sad, sometimes, for not being able to watch Kurt Cobain or Morrison live, or not being a teenager in 1969.

No other music, no other cause, I guess, affects me the same way. I know its probably not a good thing to admit, but its the truth…for now..


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