London …pure patelgiri

patelgiri – a trip highly focussed on making sure all “tourist spots” have been visited with a grinning snapshot with each monument.

and that’s exactly what my agenda was for my first trip to London. I gathered if I continue with a reasonable career, I’ll be visiting this city many more times. (and if I do not visit it again, then there are bigger things to worry about than visiting obscure London locations).

So this time I wanted to visit everything in the brochure and be done with it. I also wanted to visit the pigeons courtyard and that general area from DDLJ. And with that agenda in mind, I followed the central london tourist destinations to the tee. My only remorse, I could not visit the Tate Museum (though I have heard its hard for non-artsies to comprehend the art there…)

I had assumed that the high point of the trip would be meeting old friends from college, Anshu and Ralli (with respective spouses) or having the Indian food in London. But the award really went to the 5000 year old Egyptian man I met at the British Museum whose skin and hair have been preserved. And mind you he was not mummified. That was totally unnerving…(check it out among the pics)

It was great meeting Anshu+Bharat and Aarti+Ralli after numerous years. A long search for disposable wine glasses, walk in the woods with concrete mushrooms and dragons, Ralli’s nose picking of the god of forest mixed with red wine made our day trip to Kent really enjoyable.

Overall a very enjoyable trip. Loved the Indian food (really….its just everywhere), tube station art, the very Bombay feeling, crown jewels at the Tower of London and visting all those places which I bought in Monopoly year ago…
check out the pics with my smiling face with the monuments. password – whitney


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