‘Over the hill” ..or is it? – Part 2

the other celebration this year was a surprise phone call + 10 year reunion of my girlfriends from IIT Bombay + many old memories. totally awesome!!

at about 10 pm, I get a phone call with kind of buzz in the background and multiple voices. since I am the worst I have met in identifying voices, it started off like….

ya, it me roli..who’s that?

paro? wooooo…..who else is there?

anshu? wow! how come you guys are calling together?…..so howz it going? i can hear more voices.. is there someone else?

ohhh smita…u too? ya things are good with me…… ohh is there someone else?



sumitra ? no way!!!!!!!!!!!

well we chatted for a while. everyone trying to comprehend what the other 6 voices were upto (and yes at the same time)….

also this day in 1996, we went out as a group for the first time…the naive freshies of hostel 10 ….and so the 10-yr reunion.

very cool. totally rocked! perfect way to go over the hill…i guess.

thanks to smita for robotic instructions and 342 emails to make this happen..


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