“Over the hill” or is it?

Sometime in August of this year, I went over the hill, chronologically.

Yes, I am a big 3 and 0 now. And frankly, I feel somewhat liberated now. For all the nervousness and anxiety which had gone into my 30th year, I am happy to have less things to worry about (or are they suppose to be more?). So well, I decided to end my most_fun_decade_so_far in desi-ishtyle.

Enter: DJ Abkar Sami @ Avalon Club, Sunnyvale

Some popular DJ from aamchi – Mumbai, who graced Bay Area that weekend. Invited lots of friends over, for a night of dance, drinks and more drinks. Thanks to everyone, for the shots, and the serious hang-over the next day. Most people had a blast. It had been a while since we all hit the dance floor to hot-desi-remixes. (well there were other 780 people on the floor too).

Pics here (password: whitney)
(pics, comments: thanks Ruma, Sinha)

Indian dance parties are their own genre, I think. Its not groovy like hip-hop, complicated like break-dance or needs talent like the classical Indian dances. You just need a lot of energy, and in most cases you don’t even need a partner. Its just a lot of shaking of everything – hands, feet, dupatta, sweat….It just felt perfect for that night!

The night ended with some us sitting outside the club, drunk, with Pani trying to hit on random girls. One of them incidently recognized Pani …..and well the rest is history.


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