Finally, its Quizno’s who got it right!

For most Indians, salad is in the same category as pickles or yogurt, basically, a condiment. We believe in a full carbed-up, hot meal for lunch, snack and dinner.
In my 4 years in US, I have never willingly had salad for a full meal…until I came across the Quizno’s Chicken Caeser Flatbread salad. After having it 5 times in 10 days, I began to wonder what changed.

I think its the warm herb flatbread…

It’s the perfect filler for the carb craving. Alternating the regular salad with a bite of warm flatbread..makes the perfect lunch morsel. For once health and taste are in perfect harmony! I wonder why it took so many years for someone to figure this one out.

While they are at it, I would suggest grilled paneer instead of chicken to win over all the veggie lovers…


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